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Meet the members:

Age: I’m an old lady in the body of a twenty-seven-year-old 
Eye-colour: Mud-Brown
Typical Friday Night: Working out for an hour to get rid of my guilty conscience. Then ordering pizza and watching Netflix, because I feel like I deserve it.
Current profession: Student/Assistant in Product Management
Future profession: Music Supervisor and/or Detective
Secret passion: Zombie Movies, Riddles, Corn Bread
Secret talent: Falling asleep during a movie but waking up a few times to make comments, so that nobody notices that I’m actually sleeping. 
Favourite country: Scotland
Makes me laugh: The New Yorker Cartoons, Ron Swanson, Ryan Gosling not eating his cereal
Why I act: I love the whole process of rehearsing, inventing a character and getting to know it better over time. And it’s so much fun being on stage with these guys.



Age: Early thirties
Eye colour: Black, I think
Typical Friday night: Wanting to go to bed early but ending up binge-watching Netflix
Current Profession: PhD student
Future profession: Bollywood superstar, obviously!
Secret passion: going on hikes
Secret talent: Being awesome and 'Shots with Tots'
Favourite country: Finland
Favourite city: Bremen (drinks and entry to clubs are so cheap there, plus my brother lives there, and the city is pretty)
What makes me laugh: Mr Bean!!!
What makes me cry: Onions
What makes me happy: someone cooking for me
Why I act: So I can be myself

Age: 32
Eye colour: Dark blue
Typical Friday night: There is no such thing! Every Friday night is unique!
Current profession: I wish I knew...
Future profession: Spaceship captain (I don’t care how many lives I should wait for that) 
Secret passion: Reading sappy love stories
Secret talent: I can touch my nose with my tongue
Favourite country: Georgia
Favourite City: Berlin
What makes me laugh: Politics

What makes me happy: stargazing and wine 

Why I act: so I can be somebody else


Screen shot 2019-06-11 at 22.08.08.png

Age: Early thirties
Eye colour: Green-grey
Typical Friday night: Opera, ballet, pub, couch
Current profession: Fish Tamer (PostDoctoral Researcher)
Future profession: Cheese sprinkler
Secret passion: French music, if one is to be believe Spotify autoplay
Secret talent: Start 5 sub-subplots in my story and then still remember what was the original point
Favourite country: Majipoor (you did not actually expect me to pick favourites, right?)
Favourite City: Other than Berlin, Budapest. 
What makes me laugh: John Oliver, Planet Earth, Joanna Chmielewska
Why I act: because I can not not to. Honestly, I tried



Age: 27
Eye-colour: Brown
Typical Friday Night: Meeting friends, going out to a pub, dancing or just chilling at home
Current profession: Student of social work
Future profession: Hopefully a social worker
Secret passion: Everything retro and vintage style related
Secret talent: Being extremely orderly (à la marie kondo) and loving it
Favourite country: Iran, Japan, northern Germany ;-)
Favourite city: Vienna, Tehran
Makes me laugh: Watching some deep, meaningful, artsy stuff that nobody gets and making fun of it with friends
Why I act: There is no better therapy!



Age: early-thirties
Eye-colour: blue-grey
Typical Friday Night: going to a Pub, preferably with live music 
Current profession: PhD-student
Future profession: famous actress, of course!
Secret passion: It’s not secret anymore, if I confess it here, right?! I’ll go for (Irish) Whiskey, though, as it’s not that secret anyway
Secret talent: cooking
Favourite country: Ireland
Favourite city: a combination of Berlin and Dublin! 
Makes me laugh: Facts – youtube channel 
Why I act: ‘cause it’s fun, challenging and I can walk in someone else’s shoes for a bit, while at the same time learning a lot about meself!


Age: a few years more than Mel
Eye-colour: brown
Typical Friday Night: having friends at home for dinner, then whatever
Current profession: BI
Future profession: owning an italian Panineria
Secret passion: Cactus freak. In love with round things...chickens for example! Staring at the rain
Secret talent: too talented to hide my skills
Favourite country: mmm... Hard to say
Favourite city: Bochum...
Makes me laugh: my friends
Why I act: for those of you who came to our last performance: to kiss Mel on stage. Otherwise, to get some spot light.


Age: 33
Eye colour: Blue-grey
Typical Friday night: cinema, meeting friends, theatre or whatever Berlin has to offer 
Current profession: in training for IT-systems merchant
Future profession: IT-systems merchant
Secret passion: watching many kinds of choreographed performances like breakdance, ballet,
martial arts, figure skating etc.
Secret talent: Table-Tennis
Favourite country: Spain
Favourite City: Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Berlin
What makes me laugh: Monty Python and Loriot
Why I act: The BEDSies convinced me to step into the spotlight on stage instead of just being part of a
theatre group behind the scenes.
I love to create a new world with this group every year


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