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Who we are:

BEDS - Berlin English Drama Society- a theatre group founded in 2013.

We are an international group of amateur performers, now based in Berlin, from many different backgrounds. Regardless of where we came from, what keeps us together is an overwhelming passion for acting and performing, taking the chance to make our audiences laugh, think and maybe even shed a tear or two. Our aim, therefore, is to create an intimate theatrical experience, on a self sustained budget and an ever-growing skill set, in the hope that we can make something that connects with everyone, whoever you may be.

BEDS produces one production annually, usually during summer – comedies or dramas, old or new. You might have seen us on stage with:

“The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde (2013)

“You Can’t Take It With You” by Moss Hart (2014)

“Couples” by Rich Orloff (2015)

“Suite Surrender” by Michael MacKeever (2016)

“The Angry Brigade” by James Graham (2017)

"It Hits You When You Know It" by Elisa Manzini (2018)

"Moral relativity" by Elisa Manzini (2019)

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